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Location: New York, NY
Founded: 2008
Industry: Media/PR

Digiday Media

Nick Friese
Founder and CEO


Digiday Media’s mission is to chart how industries like media, marketing, fashion and finance are moving from analog to digital. “Our approach is to continually reimagine and reshape the media we cover and create, guided by our core values of quality, honesty, curiosity and tenacity,” says founder and CEO Nick Friese. Digiday Media currently operates three media brands: Digiday, covering modern media and marketing; Glossy, covering fashion, luxury and tech; and Tradestreaming, covering finance technology.

Quick Tip: “Great leaders are good at reading people, understanding their emotions and understanding what drives them.” 

“We put honesty at the center of our coverage, no matter how painful some of the coverage can be at times,” and this has helped Digiday Media’s publications stand out, says Friese. “We’re honest about the transformations and what’s happening inside the industries. As a result, we get a real look at what’s happening inside companies, inside technology and inside market dynamics that you don’t really find elsewhere in the industry that we’re in.” As it has grown, Digiday Media has also focused on its culture and its people. “As a media company, you’re really only as good as the team that you have — how they work together, how driven they are, how passionate they are, how they link to the quality factor of our values,” says Friese. “We found people who have been all over, but mapped to the culture and the DNA of who we are.”