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Location: New York, NY
Founded: 2009
Industry: Healthcare advertising

2-Time Winner

Create NYC

Natalie McDonald
Founder and President


Create NYC is an on-demand healthcare advertising agency. Its services include flat-fee advertising, flat-fee adaptation and short-term marketing. “We keep a pulse on our industry and competitive activity regardless of the success we have sustained, because we thrive on innovation and creating value,” says founder and president Natalie McDonald. “We are always learning and pushing the envelope to constantly evolve and further enhance our offering.”

Quick Tip: “We value staying true to our agency value proposition above all else and believe that this has and will enable us to thrive.”

Create NYC’s five- to 10-year plans outline a vision to be the go-to on-demand advertising agency for brands needing to do more with less in healthcare worldwide. “Create NYC has a proven track record of supporting brands with existing assets, which will continue to be our focus,” says McDonald. “Our agency has set key values to support the achievement of our aggressive goals, including self-management, accountability, inclusiveness and transparency. These values are tied directly to our financial goals of double-digit growth over the planning period.” Create NYC is also focused on self-promotion to drive success and supplement its organic growth to date. In 2016, the company further refined its service offerings, and they are being promoted through an updated website, social media channels, promotional emails and new business development efforts.