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Location: New York, NY
Founded: 2000
Industry: Media/PR


Mike Seiman
Founder and CEO


CPXi is a global digital media company aimed at driving efficiencies and effectiveness in the tech-enabled marketing space. “The organization’s success and prosperity is directly linked to the fundamental idea of giving access to quality online inventory at significant scale, and continuing to solve problems for both advertisers and publishers,” says founder and CEO Mike Seiman. “Our strong core team of individuals who have faith in the company also plays an important role in our continued growth. Great individuals can accomplish extraordinary things when they genuinely appreciate what they do.”

Quick Tip: “A great leader is someone who takes control of his own life and makes it doable for others to create their own success along the way.”

One of the most valuable lessons of leading a fast-growing company is to never give up, says Seiman. “Failures to me are simply challenges that I must learn and grow from in order to move forward. Another important lesson is to be honest with your employees. Having that balanced trust leads to positive relationships. Your employees are the backbone of your organization, and establishing this early on will lead to successful and long-term outcomes.” In five years, Seiman imagines CPXi continuing to grow its media operations, evolving alongside the advertising ecosystem and even identifying opportunities that would allow the company to branch out beyond digital media.