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Location: Monroe, CT
Founded: 1991
Industry: Consumer goods and services

Church Hill Classics/

Lucie Voves
President and CEO


Church Hill Classics/ (CHC) creates custom diploma frames, certificate frames and awards for more than 1,600 colleges, universities, professional associations, and the U.S. Military. “We deliver turnkey marketing support that is the key to mutual success — for our company and our partners,” says president and CEO Lucie Voves. “An excellent example is our relationship with … an account that expanded 37 percent in 2015 and continues to grow. We progressed from a successful test market and went through a series of progressive expansions, while showing consistent revenue growth transformations for their diploma frame category. We earned our place as a trusted advisor over time.”

Quick Tip: “The best leaders are fantastic communicators who create a culture that motivates others to give their best in support of a shared vision.”

CHC’s biggest growth challenge has been staying ahead of the curve with communication, information sharing, and creating alignment and accountability. To address this, the company developed and enhanced information systems “so that we can better ‘know’ our customers, deliver the products and support that we promise, and essentially keep the wheels on the bus,” says Voves. “In fast-growth mode, it becomes even more important to be clear about what you will do — those most important priorities — and also to decide and communicate what you will not do.”