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Location: New York, NY
Founded: 2013
Industry: E-commerce


Philip Krim
Co-founder and CEO


Casper is on a mission to build the world’s first global sleep brand. “We started our journey by designing and engineering a mattress that is universally comfortable and provides an incredible night’s sleep,” says co-founder and CEO Philip Krim. “Since launch, we have expanded our product line to include other products that help improve sleep, like sheets, pillows, and even a dog mattress.” The growth of the Casper brand has been driven by loyal customers. “Since the day we launched, our customers have been very vocal advocates for us — they post on social media, they share unboxing stories, and they tell their family and friends about us,” says Krim.

Quick Tip: “By thinking effectively and communicating a clear vision for success, great leaders empower their team to work collectively toward a common goal.”

Like most companies, Casper occasionally struggles with the pace of growth. “We sold through all of the inventory we had on hand in our first day of sales, and it has been a huge challenge to continue to scale our supply chain to keep up with demand as we grow globally,” says Krim. “I think one of the most valuable lessons is that it’s important to work with incredible people, because in a fast-growth environment, things are always breaking. … Working with great people makes it enjoyable to tackle these challenges and makes it exciting to come up with unique and innovative solutions.”