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Location: New York, NY
Founded: 2012
Industry: Technology


Ryan Urban


BounceX invented The Behavioral Cloud, a software that analyzes online user behavior to help companies better monetize their traffic. The company “is highly focused on performance for our clients and for each other,” says CEO Ryan Urban. “We foster that environment by giving incredibly motivated individuals the autonomy and resources to perform to the best of their abilities. As a result, our team members feel personally invested in the trajectory of their ongoing responsibilities and are encouraged to innovate, and take their work and department to the next level.”

Quick Tip: “Leaders eat last. They put their team’s needs and success before personal achievement and self-interest.”

Hiring has been BounceX’s biggest challenge, because the company has strict standards about candidates’ fit. “We overcame this by doubling our talent acquisition team, building a scalable sourcing process and looping in more people to interview across teams,” says Urban. “By accelerating our investment in hiring, we were able to significantly reduce times to hire and grow headcount substantially over the past three months.” BounceX’s hiring standards include bringing on people who are “smart, hungry and talented” and play well as part of a team, says Urban. “People with negative attitudes at your office can bring down the whole team. As such, we will not hire anyone who is disruptive, a know-it-all or puts down others to achieve personal success.”