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Location: New York, NY
Founded: 2008
Industry: Media/PR, technology


Mark Josephson


Bitly is used by marketers to build stronger connections with their customers across digital channels. “The social media explosion of the mid-2000s was Bitly’s lifeblood,” says CEO Mark Josephson. “While skeptics initially rolled their eyes at the navel-gazing that the new channels enabled, we saw them quickly evolve into revolutionary information-sharing media — and that included lots of linking. By 2010, we had developed the internet’s definitive link shortening tool, shortening millions of links a month and processing millions more in clicks.”

Quick Tip: A great leader is always fair, but not impartial.” 

Another major factor in Bitly’s growth was the fact that marketers needed a way to track consumers across devices. “We realized that we had some of the largest brands and publishers using our product to help make their links perform better,” says Josephson. “So we set out to solve the measurement problem for marketers by using the link as the common digital denominator.’” In the early years, Bitly was growing fast, but hadn’t figured out a way to make the business sustainable. “We got stuck in the all-too-common trap of building a user base and worrying about revenue later,” says Josephson. “We overcame this by asking ourselves what was unique and different about Bitly. … We had some of the most powerful analytics that existed when it came to links and content consumption, and a killer team with the technical acumen to build something remarkable. So in 2012, we introduced our premium version of Bitly, today called Bitly Enterprise.”