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Location: New York, NY
Founded: 1995
Industry: Staffing, recruitment and managed services

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Atrium Staffing

Rebecca Cenni
Founder and CEO


“When asked why I started Atrium Staffing, the answer always feels simple: to change the face of staffing as I had known it,” says founder and CEO Rebecca Cenni. Right out of college, Cenni had secured a job as a recruiter at a national staffing firm. “My experience there showed me that all too often, placements were made arbitrarily, temporary talent was marginalized, and the whole staffing process was too convoluted to be a true resource to clients.” Cenni made it her goal to create a staffing model that valued associates and aspired to make the perfect match with clients.

Quick Tip: “By grooming an unbeatable management team, we put processes in place that enabled us to make better decisions and open up doors to more opportunity.”

She achieved that goal by providing benefits to Atrium’s temporary associates, conducting intensive behaviorally based interviews and personally meeting with all clients to ensure she understood how to meet their specific staffing needs. “I carry out this philosophy, spirit of business and set of practices every day,” she says. “We have a tremendously high placement success rate and a high volume of repeat business.” In addition to Atrium’s traditional recruiting specialties, the company has developed a portfolio of services that includes independent contractor engagement and workforce management consulting. Given the recent uptick in enforcement of contractor classification rules, Atrium is ideally positioned for ongoing growth.