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Location: New York, NY
Founded: 1986
Industry: Construction

Adler Windows

Ross Adler


Adler Windows specializes in window installation and window-repair projects for clients ranging from co-ops to condo and townhouse owners. “For the last nine years, we’ve quadrupled in size both from a revenue and an employee perspective,” says president Ross Adler. “In 2007, we saw a quality-of-service gap in the industry and were able to really leverage that for growth. We had a great base for our business, a great reputation, we represented some tremendous manufacturers, and we were just going out, knocking on doors and introducing Adler Windows to the architectural design community.”

Quick Tip: “We understand the importance of having great people, and thus we focus on our employees first, with our customers as a very close second.”

At times, Adler Windows has found it difficult to hire quickly enough to keep up with growth. “For every million dollars of new business we bring on, we have to bring on talented individuals ranging from project managers and estimators all the way down to field technicians, so our challenge was identifying sustainable growth, … understanding how fast we could grow and how fast we could backfill talented individuals into the organization,” says Adler. He also sees more growth in the company’s future. “We have some key hires that we need to make within the next five years, as we recently opened a Manhattan showroom,” says Adler. “Our goal will be to extend our presence in Manhattan and grow into a larger office. Our 10-year plan has us focusing on other markets outside New York City, potentially urban markets such as Chicago and Boston.”