YibLab, Inc.

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Location: Berkeley Heights, NJ
Founded: 2013
Industry: Media/PR, technology

YibLab, Inc.

Jasmeet Sawhney


YibLab, Inc. is a marketing and sales enablement software and services company. “We help customers build and run highly effective marketing programs that are fully integrated with sales processes,” says CEO Jasmeet Sawhney. “Advanced technology has become an integral part of doing marketing, but very few companies have built the technical skill set that is required to effectively execute a modern marketing plan.” YibLab has been able to take advantage of this skills gap, along with the fact that many companies don’t have the ability to properly capture and analyze the massive amounts of marketing data being generated.

Quick Tip: “You can be extremely smart, and may hire some of the smartest people, but none of that would matter if you do not treat them the right way.”

Finding the right talent has been a big challenge for YibLab. “You need people who have excellent creativity, but also have sound understanding of business, and how to deliver its messages,” says Sawhney. “You need people who are extremely good at analyzing data, and also have domain knowledge, and experience in tools that your clients are using. You need people who are savvy with new social and digital channels, yet have the ability to grasp the needs of the campaign from a business perspective. … Luckily, we have some of the best people at the top and mid-level who have been able to attract good talent by showing, instead of telling, some of the great work we do for our clients.”