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Location: Neptune, NJ
Founded: 1984
Industry: Software

4-Time Winner


Chris Sullens
President and CEO


WorkWave has evolved rapidly over the past five years, transforming from a pest-control software business into a provider of cloud-based software solutions for the field service and “last-mile” delivery industries. “Our goal is to extend our leadership position in these verticals,” says president and CEO Chris Sullens. “To accomplish this vision, we are expanding the functionality of our platform to include marketing automation, sales automation and lead management capabilities, to help our clients connect the dots between the source and cost of their leads and the downstream performance of those leads.”

Quick Tip: “Don’t be afraid to take (calculated) risks.” 

Some of WorkWave’s biggest successes can be attributed to what Sullens calls “venturesome acquisitions.” “A good example of where I saw opportunity and took a calculated risk to move the business to a new level was the 2012 acquisition of Viamente, an Italian startup and WorkWave’s then routing partner,” he says. “Despite the doubts from the board and bankers, I was confident in my vision to bring Viamente’s routing engine into WorkWave’s portfolio to allow the company to truly differentiate its field service product, open up new markets in transportation and logistics, and do so quickly and cost effectively.” Today, Viamente’s routing product (now called WorkWave Route Manager) is not only one of the fastest-growing parts of WorkWave’s business, but has also increased the company’s valuation by a multiple of what it originally paid for the business.