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Location: Cranbury, NJ
Founded: 1985
Industry: Environmental and engineering consulting

2-Time Winner


Barry Skoultchi


Whitman is an environmental, engineering and energy-design consulting firm of engineers, scientists and geologists with broad experience and diverse backgrounds. Whitman’s founding vision included the idea of providing a dynamic work environment and opportunity for the staff. As part of this, the firm promoted mentorship and fostered growth within employees. This vision was key for Whitman, as the company’s CEO Barry Skoultchi counts himself among its beneficiaries. In 2003, Skoultchi led an effort that culminated in him acquiring Whitman from its founder. Skoultchi’s new strategic vision for Whitman has allowed the company to grow its revenue substantially.

Quick Tip: “[Establish] an outside board of directors to continuously challenge the firm’s executive team.” 

One of the major moves Skoultchi made was to diversify the professional services provided by Whitman, allowing the company to remain a trusted partner throughout a client’s redevelopment project, rather than just in the beginning stages. At the same time, the company adjusted its client base from 100 percent private sector to approximately 80 percent private sector and 20 percent public sector. Today, Whitman continues to propel its growth by expanding into services that its closest competitors ignore.