Wayside Technology Group, Inc.

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Location: Eatontown, NJ
Founded: 1982
Industry: Technology

Wayside Technology Group, Inc.

Simon Nynens
Chairman and CEO


Wayside Technology Group, Inc. focuses on providing easy access to IT products, including both hardware and software. “As a service provider, our competitive advantage is our unique ability to attract, select and retain the absolute best talent in the industry. By investing in our facility and employees’ quality of life, we achieve just that,” says chairman and CEO Simon Nynens. When Wayside first got its start, it was mostly focused on beating the competition, he says. Since then, the company has pivoted to addressing the top three needs of customers — speed, easy access to sales reps and accuracy of orders entered, says Nynens. “The end result and lesson learned is to focus only on what really matters.”

Quick Tip: “A great leader has a laser focus on what needs to be done, and [inspires] with optimism and honesty.”

Between 2002 and 2016, Wayside saw a more than six-fold increase in revenue, all without acquisitions. “This fast growth strained our operational and sales capacities, and we needed to quickly identify ways to overcome these challenges,” says Nynens. “Our course of action was first working a lot harder and later a lot smarter. We have used automation and retrained employees from order-entry-focused to customer-service-focused. In addition, we opened up offices in different geographic locations to serve our customers better.” Over the next few years, Wayside hopes to expand into consultancy services, such as technical help desk offerings, complete channel sales and marketing solutions.