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Location: Red Bank, NJ
Founded: 2002
Industry: Marketing technology

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V12 Group

Paul Chachko
Chairman and CEO


Though the V12 Group has been in existence since 2002, it completely reinvented itself after the economic crash. During that time, the company realized that technology was the new driving force behind marketinag. Prior to the crash, V12 Group had been a data company that used technology. Between 2009 and 2011, the company shifted focus and became a technology company that used data. V12 Group’s industry-leading marketing platform, Launchpad, allows businesses to engage and manage customers while discovering new prospects through the use of V12’s vast databases. “We focused on building technology that uses our data warehouse and automation for SMB and middle-market companies. In doing so, we have become a leader in the space,” says chairman and CEO Paul Chachko.

Quick Tip: “When things go wrong, don’t panic. Instead focus, look at the problem, be patient, understand your options and variables, and make decisions with a clear mind.”

After seven years as a data company, the strategic pivot forced the board of directors, investors, management and employees to rearrange their thinking, behavior and knowledge base. At the end of the process, V12 Group emerged successful. “The end result … is that we took a business that was operating flat and pivoted the company to be one of the fastest-growing companies in America,” says Chachko.