The Montoro Architectural Group, PC

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Location: Saddle River, NJ
Founded: 1995
Industry: Professional services

2-Time Winner

The Montoro Architectural Group, PC

John M. Montoro, AIA
President and CEO


The Montoro Architectural Group, PC is a full-service architectural and design firm that specializes in commercial, retail, healthcare and office design services, among others. Since its inception, the company’s focus has been hands-on design that minimizes wasted space and maximizes ROI. The process starts with listening to the client’s needs and creating a design that meshes form with function, not only improving the look, but doing so in a way that maximizes efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Quick Tip: “The devil is in the details.”

Along its road to growth, The Montoro Group has had to overcome the image so many clients have of architects: that of a necessary evil. The firm hopes to show potential clients that a good architect can have a significant impact by creating a tight, efficient and well-planned design. What’s more, The Montoro Group views each project as its own, and commits to open, honest and fair communication. “In this manner, we can design something that is successful and benefits our clients. We strive to seek out new ways to solve spatial problems, to better each project and our clients, while creating architecture that is exciting and attractive,” says president and CEO John M. Montoro.