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Location: Franklin Lakes, NJ
Founded: 2007
Industry: Marketing

3-Time Winner

The DSM Group

Darren Magarro


After spending nearly a year working at a local agency, Darren Magarro found the experience to be lacking, and decided there was a better way. That’s when he founded The DSM Group, a marketing, advertising and public relations agency — on a front porch, with a laptop, a desk and a chair. “I knew there had to be a happy medium where collaboration between an agency and the client became seamless [and one] hand moved in concert with the other to create an atmosphere of collaborative genius. I wanted to start a new agency that didn’t just do pitches and projects, but partnerships instead,” says Magarro.

Quick Tip: “If you don’t have [patience], you’re eventually going to get derailed. It’s a high-wire act to balance fast growth and scalability.”

“It didn’t happen overnight at The DSM Group. We’ve worked very hard and spent a ton of time refining the process, and we’re still refining it as we speak,” says Magarro. He adds that his team is the reason the company has succeeded in overcoming all of the challenges it has faced. To help build on this team and teach a new generation, the company has implemented an internship program. The program is unique in that it gives interns a chance to get hands-on experience and walk away with a large portfolio. In fact, three of The DSM Group’s 12 employees are former interns.