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Location: Newark, NJ
Founded: 2009
Industry: Financial services

The Credit Pros

Jason M. Kaplan


The Credit Pros uses state and federal laws to rehabilitate its clients’ credit by challenging and removing inaccurate, outdated and unverifiable items from their credit reports. “The secret sauce to how we have grown so fast is the corporate culture we have created, and how we have tied rewards and recognition to that culture,” says Jason M. Kaplan, president of The Credit Pros. “We all base our decisions on shared core values and read the same books from our company library, so that we speak the same language. … We hire, fire, train, reward and recognize according to our corporate mission and values.”

Quick Tip: “A leader is someone who understands that he does not know it all and, while striving to learn and improve, surrounds himself with competent, trustworthy people capable of filling in his gaps.”

Because The Credit Pros puts such emphasis on core values, the company has created a process to ensure it attracts candidates with a compatible mindset. “Our interview process probes for what values our potential hires share, our onboarding and continuing training is in line with these values, and our culture of accountability mandates adherence to them,” says Kaplan. Nevertheless, The Credit Pros has encountered situations where candidates’ ability and passion didn’t translate into success in their position. “Luckily, we were able to … work through the challenge,” says Kaplan. “Several of our team members, managers and [leaders] now have different roles than when they started with us, and they are excelling.”