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Location: Monroe, NJ
Founded: 2010
Industry: Law firm

2-Time Winner

Shah & Associates, PC

Neel Shah
Managing Attorney


Shah & Associates, PC is a client-focused law firm devoted to assisting individuals and businesses with their wills, trusts, estate and business-planning legal needs. Over the next five to 10 years, the firm plans to become a service-centric leader in asset protection, estate planning and business-succession legal advisory services. To do this, Shah & Associates will keep developing its team, which provides custom legal solutions to business owners and CEOs.

Quick Tip: “With a mechanism for feedback and continuous development, the possibilities for the individuals and the organization are limitless.”

Managing attorney Neel Shah says one of the biggest challenges in leading a fast-growing company is the ability to find, develop and retain the right, high-quality team members. “The definition of quality team members is also tricky. While you may have a team member that [is] a perfect fit today, that team member may need to adjust and pivot as the industry and the company matures,” says Shah.