Seven Seven Softwares

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Location: Rockaway, NJ
Founded: 1996
Industry: Technology, consulting

Seven Seven Softwares

Adela Sering-Fojas
Co-founder and CEO


Seven Seven Softwares provides IT and knowledge services to the financial services, insurance, investment banking, fast-moving consumer goods and telecommunications industries. “We offer an agile offshore-onshore engagement model that leverages the knowledge of workers in the Philippines and in the U.S. to deliver cost-effective services to our partners,” says co-founder and CEO Adela Sering-Fojas. Seven Seven has benefited from a low attrition rate among its staff. While in the IT industry overall, “the attrition rate can range from 15 to 25 percent, we have kept our company-wide attrition rate at around 5 percent for the year 2015,” says Sering-Fojas.

Quick Tip: “We all need to be appreciated for the work we deliver, and even a simple pat on the back and a heartfelt kind word can inspire people to go the distance.”

Another growth factor for Seven Seven has been an abundance of IT talent in the Philippines, which the company has tapped into over the years. “Having a deep knowledge on the business landscape and culture of both the Philippines and the U.S. allowed us to develop an ideal approach in creating a working environment that is conducive [to satisfaction] both for our clients and employees,” says Sering-Fojas. In 2013, Seven Seven made a strategic move in partnering with Salesforce. That partnership “adds more credibility to our organization and in the eyes of our customers,” says Sering-Fojas.