Seahorse Express Inc.

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Location: Bayonne, NJ
Founded: 2008
Industry: Ocean and inland transportation services

Seahorse Express Inc.

Danny Nasser
President and CEO


Seahorse Express Inc. provides ocean and inland transportation services. The company also specializes in warehousing services and in dismantling and loading heavy machinery. One key factor in Seahorse Express’ growth has been strategic focus. “Our business is always changing and shifting,” says president and CEO Danny Nasser. “We are prepared for the reality of constant change. Our management team is always looking for ways to optimize our services and increase our sales and profits.” The company also prides itself on its customer service: “We keep our customers informed and provide them with all the tools they need to succeed,” says Nasser. “Our lobby and offices are always kept clean and comfortable for our customers to visit and our employees to feel good about their surroundings.”

Quick Tip: “Leadership isn’t something that anyone can give you; you have to earn it.”

As Seahorse Express grew, it often found itself understaffed, but its employees have not been afraid to learn and take on new responsibilities until the company is able to add new staff members to the team, says Nasser. In fact, the most valuable lesson he has learned in leading Seahorse Express is “to surround myself with high-quality employees who are qualified to handle the challenge.” Over the next five to 10 years, Nasser’s goal is to grow Seahorse Express into a conglomerate with a warehouse near every major U.S. port.