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Location: Haddonfield, NJ
Founded: 2009
Industry: Professional services

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Rothamel Bratton Attorneys

Charles Bratton


Rothamel Bratton Attorneys focuses on estate planning, elder law, real estate law, landlord/tenant disputes, business law and litigation. In addition to advising clients, the firm strives to educate the community by holding memberships in professional legal associations, giving lectures in the communities it serves and writing educational articles. Thanks to New Jersey’s continued low estate-tax threshold, Rothamel Bratton’s services are even more necessary, and with an aging generation of baby boomers, the need for estate planning and long-term care is on the rise.

Quick Tip: “It’s essential to hire the right people.”

Rothamel Bratton has made several adjustments to accommodate the growing needs of boomers. In the summer of 2014, Rothamel Bratton developed its life-care planning department to assist seniors and their families with legal services, care coordination and finding resources to pay for long-term care. As part of this, the company hired a full-time social worker to help clients and their families plan. Along its path to growth, Rothamel Bratton has learned some lessons about hiring. “I am no longer looking for ‘general’ staff to execute documents. I want people with experience and specific skills, who can manage that area of the practice and essentially take some of the daily stress and tasks from me,” says partner Charles Bratton. In the future, the firm wants to keep streamlining and automating its processes as much as possible, so that clients have consistent contact and measurable progress in their matter.