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Location: Ramsey, NJ
Founded: 2001
Industry: Media/PR

2-Time Winner


Thomas Brennan McVey


For many years, re:think grew at a snail’s pace, and sometimes it even went in the wrong direction. While competitors profited from shortcuts, re:think, a web design and inbound marketing company, held steady with its plan. “We pushed all in on excellent coding, cutting-edge design, high-quality content creation and promotion, using only credible, reciprocal relationships. This approach barely kept our heads above water and our clients would always get just enough new business to hang on and hope for better days ahead,” says CEO Thomas Brennan McVey. Better days came when Google released two algorithm updates that led to double-digit gains in traffic and conversions for all of re:think’s clients. What’s more, the company inherited business from competitors that were hurt by the algorithm change.

Quick Tip: “An ounce of different is worth a pound of same.”

Re:think believes so strongly in its system that it takes 100 percent responsibility for its clients’ results and for being a consistently reliable partner. At the end of the day, each happy client is fuel for the company’s addiction to winning. “I would love to say we started our company to save baby seals or the environment or to contribute to world peace, but the truth is that we’re a bunch of super-competitive nerds that like to leverage technology and our understanding of inbound strategy to beat the asses off of our competitors.”