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Location: Edison, NJ
Founded: 2004 (RCF USA), 1949 (RCF Spa – Italy)
Industry: Professional and commercial audio


Roni Nevo


RCF was founded in 1949 by a group of Italian electro-acoustic engineers, whose vision was to create audio products that would offer the highest possible performance. The company started by making microphones, amplifiers and related items, but has since branched out into a number of other products, such as transducers, loudspeakers and pro-audio cabinets. “From 2004, a new era began for RCF, with fresh investment in research and development and a renewed commitment to manufacturing in Italy,” says Roni Nevo, president of RCF USA Inc. Since then, the company has designed, put into production and delivered several new products every year.

Quick Tip: “The harder you work, the less luck you need.”

Five years ago, RCF USA moved from New Hampshire to its current location in New Jersey. “With the new location, we upgraded every system. Logistics, inventory control and accounting were all addressed,” says Nevo. “These improvements took place while everyday business was still in motion.” While this transition was challenging, the New Jersey location gave RCF USA easy access to the Port of Newark, allowing the company to double the amount of inventory stocked in the U.S. This was critical because all of RCF USA’s products are manufactured overseas and imported, and “with our rapid growth came the need for more inventory,” says Nevo. Over the next few years, RCF USA hopes to double its sales and make the brand a household name.