Rangam Consultants Inc.

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Location: Somerset, NJ
Founded: 1995
Industry: Staffing and consulting services

2-Time Winner

Rangam Consultants Inc.

Hetal Parikh
Co-founder and President


Rangam Consultants Inc. “serves multinational corporations by finding the most talented and skilled personnel for a diverse range of positions in all major industries,” says co-founder and president Hetal Parikh. Inclusive staffing is one of the key organizational objectives at Rangam. In April 2015, the company launched a job portal and a mobile app in partnership with the New Jersey chapter of Autism Speaks. “The goal of this program is to connect autism-friendly employers and service providers with job seekers on the spectrum,” says Parikh. Branded as The Spectrum Careers, the program has received positive feedback from special-needs communities and the media, she adds. Rangam also is sponsoring a farming initiative undertaken by one of its nonprofit subsidiaries, Parikh Foundation.

Quick Tip: “A true leader is one who creates more leaders.”

Rangam has been able to sustain growth over two decades. At the outset, the company had to deal with the aftermath of the dot-com bubble burst, but “the top management of Rangam was prudent enough at that time to seize opportunities for diversification and growth in non-IT staffing,” says Parikh. “Getting J&J as the first client in 2002 marked Rangam’s steady expansion as a temporary staffing company.” Today, she believes that Rangam’s vision provides an inextricable link between its consultants, clients and members of special-needs communities. “The most valuable lesson learned over a period of 20 years is that people are at the heart of a rapidly growing staffing company,” says Parikh.