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Location: Chatham, NJ
Founded: 1989
Industry: Cold storage

2-Time Winner

Preferred Freezer Services

John Galiher


Preferred Freezer Services (PFS) never set out to be the biggest cold-storage company, but from day one, CEO John Galiher wanted his company to be the best in every way. “Being the biggest company means nothing if the level of service excellence cannot be maintained through a period of fast growth,” he says. The company, which started out as a single warehouse in New Jersey, now has strategic locations throughout the U.S. PFS provides technologically advanced cold-storage warehouses and end-to-end refrigerated transportation and logistics. “One of the most important things to PFS is keeping a close watch over the issues relevant to the business and relevant to our customers — quality, accuracy, safety and attention to detail,” says Galiher.

Quick Tip: “One of the most valuable lessons for any leader to learn, especially during a growth period, is how to ensure that you have the right people on the bus.”

Consistency is the driving force behind the vision for the future of PFS. The company “has found what works and what does not work over the years, and is committed to moving forward at the same pace while obviously being sure to keep the same quality. The next five years at PFS, or the next 10 years or even beyond that, will be defined by this consistency and commitment to being best in class,” says Galiher. Steady growth is also a part of PFS’ plan. “PFS is well on its way, but the progress and work is never truly finished,” he adds.