Polymer Dynamix

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Location: South Plainfield, NJ
Founded: 1999
Industry: Technology, manufacturing

2-Time Winner

Polymer Dynamix

Viggy Mehta
Managing Member


“Plastics are seen everywhere today. They make our lives easier and more enjoyable. Just think of your cell phone, automobile or child’s toy. … There is a lot of design that happens on a molecular level so that the end product can perform the way it does. This is where Polymer Dynamix comes in,” says managing member Viggy Mehta. The company specializes in creating unique polymer materials for custom applications, and works to bring its customers’ imaginations to life. Mehta estimates that most people use its products more than 10 times a day without even realizing it.

Quick Tip: “For every colleague who understands and buys into the vision of the future we are trying to create, the company’s growth increases exponentially.”

Though Mehta says luck has played a part in Polymer Dynamix’s growth, its biggest growth factor is its ability to fail. Industry and technology shifts have left larger companies in a position where failure is simply too expensive. “This has left a significant void in innovation with newer products and technologies. In smaller companies, innovation and creativity are how we differentiate ourselves, and it allows us to compete with older technologies as well as drive the industries we serve forward,” says Mehta. Through its ability to take risks and manage failure, the company has thrived. Going forward, Polymer Dynamix wants to evolve its culture “so that all functions are tied into the success of the company by creating greater internal transparency,” says Mehta.