Patriot Sawcutting, Inc.

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Location: Englewood, NJ
Founded: 2011
Industry: Construction

Patriot Sawcutting, Inc.

Mike Garrett
President and Co-founder

Tom VanGeldren
Vice President and Co-founder


Patriot Sawcutting, Inc. is a subcontracted sawcutting and core-drilling company. “Our team members help solidify our brand, which was built on exceptional customer service,” says president and co-founder Mike Garrett. “We work in a messy industry, and it is our goal on every job site to leave a clean work area and a happy customer.” Patriot Sawcutting relies heavily on a dedicated team for growth and success, but putting together that team has at times been a challenge. “It has been a struggle to find well-trained operators, foremen and estimators in a niche field such as concrete sawcutting,” notes Garrett. The company solved this challenge by hiring candidates based on dedication, reliability and the willingness to work hard, and creating an internal promotion program for employees as they gained skills on the job.

Quick Tip: “The definition of a great leader is not brilliance, but openness — openness to be creative, to listen and to grow.”

In a fast-growing company, it’s essential to have a strong set of leaders with diverse skills. “We found that while we had great business and construction minds on our team, we sometimes lacked in accounting and legal. That is why from the very beginning, we have made sure to surround ourselves with experts who have our backs,” says Garrett. “If something goes off course, we have these professionals in place to alert us of the issue.”