PamTen, Inc.

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Location: Princeton, NJ
Founded: 2007
Industry: Technology

PamTen, Inc.

Chaya Pamula
President and CEO

Prasad Tenjerla
COO and Co-founder


PamTen, Inc. provides IT staffing, strategic advisory services, custom solutions and product development. “We help our clients better understand the applicability of emerging technologies to their business and make informed decisions about their technology investments,” says Chaya Pamula, president and CEO of PamTen. In the beginning, the company focused primarily on staffing services, but its model has since evolved to include broad, technology-based strategic business solutions. “We’re still true to our tech roots, but now we offer significantly greater value to clients by [providing] a broader range of services,” says Pamula.

Quick Tip: “A great leader is someone who knows their passion, and can instill such passion in others.”

PamTen is also on a mission to improve the lives of poor children. The company is the primary supporter of SOFKIN (Support Organization For Kids In Need). “I founded SOFKIN to guide and nurture indigent and destitute children in India,” says Pamula. “To date, we have taken in and raised over 100 children, providing medical care, a safe and secure home, healthy food, education, and the sense of being in a loving family. This is the heart of our mission, and our employees and clients are deeply engaged and strongly feel the purpose of being part of our company.” Pamula’s goal for the future is to build PamTen’s base and core business, giving the company an opportunity to expand into other areas, including software development.