MP Consulting Services, LLC

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Location: Wall Township, NJ
Founded: 2012
Industry: Construction

MP Consulting Services, LLC

Michael Parnell


MP Consulting Services, LLC (MPC) is a construction management and general contracting firm serving commercial and residential clients. The company’s mission is to bring transparency to the building environment. “The business of general contracting has such a bad reputation in the marketplace,” says Michael Parnell, principal at MPC. “We operate in a manner that builds trust with our clients from the start, educating them on the process of building and the costs associated with building. … We are all on the same page from the start, which makes coming to a final contract price, and efficiently moving through the construction process, that much easier.”

Quick Tip: “[A great leader is] someone who never sits on their heels when things are going well, who constantly pushes forward, and who puts in the effort to improve those around them.”

Cash flow is a big challenge for MPC, as it is for most young companies. “Fast growth requires cash flow, to keep up with the work we are putting in place on our job sites, as well as paying for the staffing requirements to run our company,” says Parnell. “It takes constant planning, and updating those plans, to stay on track and avoid problems with cash flow.” The most important lesson he has learned in leading MPC is this: “To have patience on a daily basis. … I have to constantly remind myself to never get too high on our successes, or too low on our shortcomings.”