MFS Consulting Engineers & Surveyors

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Location: South Plainfield, NJ
Founded: 2009
Industry: Engineering and surveying

MFS Consulting Engineers & Surveyors

Jose A. Fuertes
Principal Engineer


MFS Consulting Engineers & Surveyors is a multi-discipline engineering and design consulting firm that works on projects of all sizes in the private, municipal, state and federal sectors. “MFS’ leadership is made up of young and hungry engineers, and the owners founded MFS with that hunger and drive, setting the tone for the last seven years,” says principal engineer Jose A. Fuertes. “We pride ourselves on selecting our staff with care so that we can honestly say we’ve built a team with the best employees the market could offer.”

Quick Tip: “Don’t recreate the wheel if you don’t have to. Great leaders look to what other great leaders are doing and find ways to incorporate those things into their own management style.”

When MFS got its start, the owners had years of experience themselves, but could not afford to hire other highly experienced staff. By starting with interns or recent college grads who were eager to get experience, MFS was able to build a powerful in-house group of engineers. “Some of those engineers are now in management roles themselves, and since those first few years, MFS is proud to be able to attract engineers with diverse backgrounds who join the team with years of invaluable experience,” says Fuertes. “We also encourage continued education so that our staff stays current on issues and solutions within the industry. We do this by offering training and tuition reimbursement.”