Marilyn Schlossbach Group

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Location: Asbury Park, NJ
Founded: 2003
Industry: Restaurant and hospitality

Marilyn Schlossbach Group

Marilyn Schlossbach
CEO and Executive Chef


The Marilyn Schlossbach Group is a restaurant and hospitality company with restaurants in Normandy Beach, Asbury Park and Rumson, NJ. All of the group’s restaurants are rooted in social, economic and environmental sustainability, and the company is on a mission to create community-based businesses and products, says CEO and executive chef Marilyn Schlossbach. This is achieved, in great part, through partnerships with like-minded community organizations.

Quick Tip: “[Great leaders] uncover and cultivate individual strengths and encourage others to be the best version of themselves.”

“Since its inception, my company’s partnerships within the local community have supported our growth even during times in which, economically, our outlook was not at its strongest,” says Schlossbach. “Growing a multi-million dollar business in a seasonal, seashore town requires strong leaders to look outside themselves and their four walls and determine how they can work with their community as a whole to ensure success for everyone.” Mixing venue locations with real estate holdings, along with seasonal and year-round venues, has supported the growth and stability of the Marilyn Schlossbach Group. “We are looking to extend this growth with a mobile component to our business model, in the form of a charity-based food truck that can take our mission and community work on the road,” says Schlossbach.