M & E Engineers, Inc.

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Location: Somerville, NJ
Founded: 1984
Industry: Professional services

M & E Engineers, Inc.

William Amann, PE, LEED Fellow


M & E Engineers, Inc. provides mechanical and electrical engineering services to make buildings safe, healthy and efficient. “We have been committed to energy efficiency since our founding, and made a commitment to sustainability back in 2003, long before it became widely discussed,” says William Amann, president of M & E Engineers. “We train all of our engineers on LEED and energy auditing and modeling so they understand the impact of what they are designing.” When the last downturn hit, M & E Engineers held on to its staff members and invested in their training. “That put us in a very good position for the recovery. We have been able to grow more by being smarter and efficient, and having those skills and tools,” says Amann.

Quick Tip:“A great leader will inspire people to share in the vision, so that their own motivation will develop from within, which will never fade away.”

Finding good people to support M & E Engineers’ growth has been its greatest challenge. “We have hired experienced engineers in the past, but many of them come with a ‘get-it-out-the-door’ approach they learned at other firms,” says Amann. “We have had much greater success in taking smart young people and training them ourselves. Our rule is: There are two ways to do things; the right way, or do it over. They get the message pretty quickly.” Going forward, M & E Engineers looks to use its expertise on large-scale projects, where it can have a greater impact.