Luxury Divas Corporation

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Location: Phillipsburg, NJ
Founded: 2001
Industry: E-retail

Luxury Divas Corporation

Deborah Moser


Luxury Divas Corporation is an online retailer offering more than 10,000 fashion items, including clothing, shoes, hats, scarves, belts and handbags. The company was started in its founder’s basement, with an investment of just $500. Since then, Luxury Divas has grown debt-free, and the company now operates out of a 12,500-square-foot warehouse. “Our growth can be attributed to our ability to quickly change with the marketplace,” says Deborah Moser, CEO of Luxury Divas. “Retailing is all a game of strategy, and part of keeping afloat and maintaining your market hold can be attributed to your ability to adapt to the changes in the game.”

Quick Tip: “Great leaders need to be strong enough to bend, wise enough to listen, kind enough to never lose sight of compassion and humble enough to know when they have been out-matched.”

In leading Luxury Divas, Moser has learned not to get too comfortable with success. “It is just as hard (if not harder) to remain successful as it is to become successful,” she says. “As a leader, you do not get down time. Whether I am building our next product line or sunbathing on vacation, I am always thinking about how we can improve each and every facet of our business. That’s a lot to think about.” In the future, Moser believes, Luxury Divas will become a common household brand.