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Location: Bedminster, NJ
Founded: 1999
Industry: Professional services

2-Time Winner

Kopp Consulting

Caryn Kopp
Managing Director and Chief Door Opener


Kopp Consulting’s Door Opener Service gets business owners and sellers into initial meetings with high-level, wish-list prospects. “We succeed when others can’t because we use a powerful combination of senior-level business developers [and] strategically crafted, emotional language,” says managing director and chief door opener Caryn Kopp.

Quick Tip: “I always say, when you focus on the health and depth of your relationships with people, the money follows.”

Kopp Consulting is designed to solve one of business development’s most vexing challenges: how to get in front of the right prospects. That challenge has only grown as companies have gone through workforce reductions, meaning key decision makers have little time to consider new solutions. “As a result, the status quo of service from their current vendors has become acceptable,” says Kopp. At the same time, business owners don’t have time to prospect effectively, preferring to close sales with existing prospects, she notes. That’s where Kopp Consulting comes in. “One client had 40 new prospect meetings, closed seven six-figure contracts, with five more pending, after 27 weeks,” says Kopp. In the future, Kopp Consulting plans to start a division that helps businesses set up their own internal Door Opener programs. “We will help clients create and implement the right sales messaging and procedures, and recruit and train the right talent, which our clients will employ directly,” says Kopp.