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Location: West Orange, NJ
Founded: 2005
Industry: Healthcare

2-Time Winner

JAG Physical Therapy

John Gallucci Jr.


One of the major factors in JAG Physical Therapy’s success and growth is the hiring of motivated, educated, professional staff who understand and achieve quality outcomes for patients, says president John Gallucci Jr. “Our unique JAG Method is to treat every patient just as a professional athlete or VIP should be treated. We take patients based on their goals and their needs and bring them back 110 percent, whether that’s walking several miles a day, kicking a ball as a professional soccer player, or climbing up and down a ladder for work.”

Quick Tip: “JAG Therapy’s gold standard of treatment has truly reflected in our opportunities for growth.”

When JAG Physical Therapy hires clinicians, it makes sure they are social by nature and can carry on a great conversation. At the same time, they must be able to work well with patients. That’s important because the company puts a premium on patient feedback. “We want to hear from our patients constantly throughout the entire process,” Gallucci says. Over the next five to 10 years, Gallucci envisions providing both a friendly workplace environment for employees and a non-antiseptic healthcare experience for patients. “In these trying economic times, our infrastructure and efficiency needs to improve by at least 10 percent each calendar year for us to be able to employ the quality staff that we have,” Gallucci notes. However, JAG Physical Therapy has experienced more than 100 percent growth throughout the last 10 years and anticipates that pattern will continue.