Global IDs, Inc.

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Location: Princeton, NJ
Founded: 2001
Industry: Technology

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Global IDs, Inc.

Dr. Arka Mukherjee
Founder and CEO


By predicting the data deluge facing Fortune 500 companies, Global IDs, Inc. was able to address the specific challenges of complex data environments almost 10 years before the advent of Big Data. “Big Data has become synonymous with creating smarter enterprises. Many organizations are searching for data management software to handle their data assets and to improve their business analytics,” says founder and CEO Dr. Arka Mukherjee. That fact has been a tremendous driver for Global IDs’ growth.

Quick Tip: “Intelligence, focus, integrity and perseverance makes good leaders. Luck makes great leaders.”

Another important factor has been the versatility of Global IDs’ software, says Mukherjee. “For example, market leaders in the telecom industry have used our software to help with post-merger integration. Financial services companies have used our products for regulatory compliance. Retail companies have used the software for data quality.” On occasion, Global IDs has grown so quickly that it had trouble keeping up with demand. “Since our company’s success depends on satisfied customers, we have had to become more responsive to customer support requests, and put in a 24/7 support organization,” says Mukherjee. Despite its rapid growth, Global IDs has not had to rely on outside financing, and Mukherjee hopes to keep the company on a balanced, sustainable growth path going forward.