Encore Dental Partners LLC

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Location: Brick, NJ
Founded: 2012
Industry: Healthcare

Encore Dental Partners LLC

Dr. Christopher Emma

Dr. Michael Massaro
Vice President (not pictured)

Dr. Ryan Pannorfi
Treasurer (not pictured)


Encore Dental Partners (EDP) is a management company that facilitates the operations for multiple dental practices in the state of New Jersey. The company’s leaders, Dr. Christopher Emma, Dr. Michael Massaro and Dr. Ryan Pannorfi, believe that removing business and administrative tasks allows practices to focus on patient care and generating revenue. All EDP offices are equipped with the latest technology and dental equipment. They are also designed to be group offices, where general dentists and dental specialists — oral surgeons, endodontists and periodontists — can operate alongside each other. This eliminates the need to refer patients to other offices, helping dentists generate revenue within their own practice.

Quick Tip: “A leader has the ability to create a culture of success that spreads from the top all the way down to the least-paid employee.”

EDP also works to establish strong relationships with all the insurance carriers so it can secure and optimize contracts. As a group, EDP is able to negotiate more favorable terms and higher reimbursement rates than an individual practice could manage by itself. This, in turn, helps keep overhead low.