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Location: Paramus, NJ
Founded: 2007
Industry: Technology


Amit Bhaiya
Co-founder and CEO


DotcomWeavers is an e-commerce company specializing in all aspects of web design and development. “Our success can be attributed to a combination of our dedication to clients’ success and our personalized approach,” says co-founder and CEO Amit Bhaiya. “We believe in creating long-standing partnerships that empower our clients — regardless of size or industry — to become even more successful than they already are.” As DotcomWeavers’ offerings grow, the biggest challenge is creating defined systems and procedures that will help support the company’s expansion and success, says Bhaiya. “This also ties in to having the right skills and attitude. Businesses need to know how to balance hiring the right mix of specialists, managers and non-executives.”

Quick Tip: “Being a team player is the best way forward.”

DotcomWeavers prides itself on empowering its team members to grow themselves as they grow the company. “Our clients view us as experts in our field. By having the right team in place, we are able to keep clients’ needs as a priority,” says Bhaiya. In five years, DotcomWeavers hopes to be in a position to create its own e-commerce-related product, which would operate as a separate business entity. “In 10 years, we’d like to be viewed as an international leader in the e-commerce and web solutions space,” says Bhaiya.