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Location: Fort Lee, NJ
Founded: 2010
Industry: Media/PR, technology


Robert Rose


Bridge is a data technology and media fulfillment company providing email verification and hygiene tools. Originally, Bridge launched campaigns solely through email, but “as we continued to develop as a company, we constantly listened to our customers and responded to how they were reacting to campaigns,” says CEO Robert Rose. “[When] we found an increase in mobile consumer engagement, we knew that we needed to adapt our business to effectively meet the consumers where they were.” Today, Bridge delivers multi-channel campaigns and customized media plans around individual consumers.

Quick Tip: “[Great leaders have] a full, comprehensive understanding of their goals and values. They put these values at the heart of all their efforts to better the business as a whole.”

Since its founding in 2010, Bridge has worked in more than 75 different industries to deliver some 11,000 campaigns. The company also outgrew its original offices. “In our previous office, employees were working in very close quarters, which made it challenging to keep a structured yet dynamic team — as departments were overlapping — and to maintain a productive atmosphere,” says Rose. “Once we moved to our new home, … we were able to organize our departments so that each team could focus on what was most important for them at that time.”