Axtria Inc.

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Location: Berkeley Heights, NJ
Founded: 2009
Industry: Technology

2-Time Winner

Axtria Inc.

Jaswinder Chadha
President and CEO


Axtria Inc. is a data analytics software and services company. “We help customers manage data, analyze it, get insights out of it and actually use the analytics to make better decisions,” says president and CEO Jaswinder Chadha. Axtria works in a number of different industries, including banking and retail. The company’s founding vision was to help customers improve the effectiveness of their business operations, especially as the amount of data companies produce has skyrocketed. To that end, Axtria has built a number of software platforms that enable businesses to integrate, onboard and manage their data.

Quick Tip: “It’s all about the customer experience.”

While data analytics has become a highly competitive market in recent years, Axtria benefits from having a team of veterans in the space. “I think having that experience and expertise, and having a clear vision of how data analytics is needed or used” has been a big growth factor for Axtria, says Chadha. Another ingredient of the company’s secret sauce is its ability to combine industry and business expertise with an ability to perform predictive analytics, allowing it to build relevant solutions and bring them to market successfully. Over the next decade, Chadha’s goal is to build Axtria into one of the biggest players in the data analytics world.