Allied Dental Practices

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Location: Toms River, NJ
Founded: 1998
Industry: Healthcare

Allied Dental Practices

Edward Poller, DDS


Allied Dental Practices offers multi-specialty dental services, including general dentistry, orthodontics, periodontics, endodontics, pediatrics and oral surgery. The company “provides healthcare to all patients in need, taking great pride in serving the community regardless of insurance,” says CEO Edward Poller. “We consistently identify and build new locations, adding seven general and specialty offices in the last three years to meet local community needs in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.” The company also works to upgrade technology at its locations, and most recently converted all offices to digital x-rays.

Quick Tip: “If we take care of our people, nurture them and inspire them to achieve and be happy, they will take care of the business.”

The biggest growth challenge for Allied Dental Practices has been meeting patient demand. The practice at times received more calls than its phone lines allowed for, and office staff was struggling to keep up with calls while also tending to in-office patients. This left too many patients on hold or getting a busy signal, says Poller. “In response, we created an internal call center to ensure timely and thorough, skilled patient interaction. We began the call center with just a few experienced patient care representatives and have grown to a staff of [more than] 25.” Today, Allied Dental Practices has 32 locations throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania.