Ad Magic Inc.

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Location: Netcong, NJ
Founded: 1997
Industry: Game manufacturing and publishing

Ad Magic Inc.

Shari Spiro
Founder and CEO


Ad Magic Inc. specializes in manufacturing the ideas of game inventors and delivering them to end users, warehouses, trade shows and stores worldwide. The company is probably best known for printing Cards Against Humanity. “The advent of Kickstarter in late 2010 was and still remains one of the major factors that first grew Ad Magic 300 percent for two years in a row,” says founder and CEO Shari Spiro. “The work generated by Kickstarter set us on a path for continued accelerated growth. … In 2015, a game called Exploding Kittens [raised] $8.9 million dollars and Ad Magic created the world’s first meowing card game box. The game went viral, and with it, Ad Magic gained even more tremendous exposure.”

Quick Tip: “There is no substitute for treating others as equals and with respect — listening to all opinions, but in the end making your own decisions quickly and with conviction.”

The combined success of Cards Against Humanity and Exploding Kittens generated so many inquiries for Ad Magic that the company had to grow its sales and project management teams. Ad Magic also vetted additional factories and started a prototype plant and publishing company. Currently, the company is in the process of purchasing a warehouse and a second office location in New Jersey. During fast growth, says Spiro, it’s crucial to exert a calming influence on the team. “When something does happen, I try to make my team feel like nothing is so difficult that it cannot be solved.”