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Location: Garden City, NY
Founded: 1996
Industry: IT, data center, cloud, managed services


Michael Christopher Orza


Webair CEO Michael Christopher Orza says his company combines innovation, support and high-touch customer service for clients in search of managed-hosting services. The company owns its entire process, from physical data centers to end-user application. “Our responsiveness, customer support and customized solutions are the very pillars of our success and contributed directly to our company’s growth,” says Orza. In addition to these pillars, Orza says Webair has created success by relying on its passionate people, who consistently deliver top-quality services through a global network of data center facilities. Though growth has come with challenges, like having a strategic financial plan and raising capital, Webair has continued to grow by slowing down when it has too much to handle, and finding more creative financial resources.

Quick Tip: “The true mark of a leader is not the success he gains by doing things himself, but the ability to empower his teams.”

The most valuable lesson Orza has learned in leading a fast-growth company is to listen to Webair’s customers. “This industry moves at a mile a minute, and our customers’ needs are ever-changing,” he says. “The key to succeeding in this type of environment is knowing what your customers need not only today, but also tomorrow, and deploying solutions agile enough to meet those requirements.” Over the next several years, the company plans to continue its fast growth by focusing on its core business.