Ventura Air Services, Inc.

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Location: Rye Brook, NY
Founded: 1968
Industry: Propane (energy)

Ventura Air Services, Inc.

Nick Tarascio


Ventura Air Services, Inc. helps make the dream of personal aviation possible. “Whether you want to be a pilot, own your own aircraft or just want to avoid the drudgery of commercial air travel, our flight school, air charter service and maintenance services enable your personal travel desires,” says CEO Nick Tarascio. Ventura has found success by relying on its core values: support one another, have fun, speak up, care deeply, do your best and constantly improve. By focusing on these values and clearly defining company culture, Ventura Air has been able to increase its hiring success and streamline its culture. The company is a second-generation family business, and has been able to sort out the inherent challenges of that dynamic by following the Rockefeller Habits methodology, which helped Tarascio and his family members further define culture, roles and strategy.

Quick Tip: “Have the uncomfortable conversations that you’ve been avoiding. Killing the elephants in the room is critical.”

Ventura was founded when Tarascio’s father left his computer business to pursue his passion for aviation. “More than anything else,” says Tarascio, “I want our business and family to be a tangible example of the pursuit of passion.” It’s this drive and courage that still fuels the company today. Tarascio is proud of the fact that Ventura adds value to people’s lives, from its employees, who are doing meaningful work, and its clients, who get to experience aviation, to the hundreds of patients whose life-saving organ transplants are transported by Ventura each year.