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Location: Sayville, NY
Founded: 2008
Industry: Legal

Valerie Shivers Law

Valerie A. Shivers, P.C.


Valerie Shivers Law is dedicated to creating comprehensive estate plans that are tailored to the needs of each client, regardless of age, demographic or financial status. The firm specializes in asset protection and wealth preservation, and encourages clients to plan ahead to avoid conflicts in the future. Owner Valerie A. Shivers says her firm has remained successful because it has always remained true to its roots. Shivers’ interest in elder law came from a recommendation from her grandmother, who was later diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. “While learning the legal and transactional ins and outs of elder law, I was dealing with the heart and soul of the field,” says Shivers. “It was at this moment I realized just how important the elder law attorney could be in these situations.” This experience has helped Shivers focus on compassion and the personal aspect of her field when working with clients.

Quick Tip: “Success can and should be shared. A great leader is proud when employees achieve great things.”

The most valuable lesson Shivers has learned in leading her firm is that “your business reputation is only as strong as your weakest employee.” When the firm first started experiencing rapid growth, Shivers was met with increased demand and had to hire additional staff rapidly. “I never wanted to reduce the level of service, so I had to ensure that I hired individuals who care about their clients and the work product and helping others,” she says. No matter how fast or big the company grows, Shivers says she will always focus on compassionate service.