Travers and Associates, Inc.

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Location: Melville, NY
Founded: 2011
Industry: Life insurance, estate planning

Travers and Associates, Inc.

Brian M. Travers
President and CEO


Travers and Associates, Inc. works with strategic partners and high-net-worth people to provide tax-efficient liquidity strategies. “Our mission is to help clientele truly understand what they have in place and understand the options in the marketplace that may or may not complement their individual situation,” says president and CEO Brian M. Travers. For the firm, education is the root of success. Travers believes that when clients are educated about all their estate-planning options, they will be satisfied with their results. This satisfaction, in turn, makes clients one of Travers’ greatest assets because they refer business partners, friends, advisors and family. “Having a clear understanding of the estate tax code, transfer and gift tax laws has helped shape the growth of our company and needs for our services,” says Travers.

Quick Tip: “Practice what you preach and teach. In the office, wear your heart on your [sleeve]. Be passionate and motivating.”

Travers and Associates’ greatest challenge is overcoming the evolving demands and laws in its industry. To stay abreast of this changing landscape, Travers focuses on keeping clients and employees informed, and on building stronger strategic alliances with trusts and estates attorneys, CPAs and wealth managers. As the firm grows, it hopes to increase its staff and continue to help Long Island’s wealthiest.