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Location: Melville, NY
Founded: 2008
Industry: Marketing and advertising

Tiedin Media

Dean Spinato
Founder and CEO


“At Tiedin Media, we create experiences that elevate brands, create connections and help businesses flourish,” says founder and CEO Dean Spinato. “We give brands a voice, an aesthetic and a story, which generates a deeper connection between business and customer.” For Tiedin, growth has come at the hands of strong relationship-building skills, both with clients and employees. Spinato says Tiedin’s employees are dedicated to the success of the company, and this has allowed it to flourish. “As a direct result of our team’s desire to put forth their best work, our client base has also aided in our growth through positive reviews and word of mouth,” he says. What’s more, Spinato says Tiedin’s client base is made up of passionate people, “so it’s easy for us to reflect that passion in the work we create.”

Quick Tip: “It is very important to have confidence when you are leading a company. When you start to doubt yourself, then others also begin to doubt you.”

“Growth has brought Tiedin Media some amazing opportunities, as well as new challenges,” says Spinato. With an influx of clients and projects, Tiedin has worked diligently to ensure that it delivers quality. “It has become increasingly difficult and even more important to get projects to our clients in a timely manner, while ensuring that we are still putting forth the meticulous work that our clients have come to expect from us,” says Spinato. That’s why the company has placed added importance on organization and communication.