SupplyLogic, Inc.

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Location: Garden City, NY
Founded: 2004
Industry: Print management

SupplyLogic, Inc.

Kevin F. Sherlock
Founder and CEO


SupplyLogic, Inc. provides digital procurement and management services to the Fortune 2000 marketplace. Founder and CEO Kevin F. Sherlock says the company’s growth has been fueled by its talent and ability to capitalize on market timing. Additionally, Sherlock says SupplyLogic has created strategic partnerships within the private-equity sector that have been a defining factor in the company’s growth. “Having access to the right type of capital is essential as you scale the business,” says Sherlock. “Having a healthy balance between debt and equity capital can make the difference in minimizing distraction and maximizing motivation.” Over the next five to 10 years, Sherlock says he has two primary goals: to become the gold standard in the industry, and to reach $1 billion in gross revenue.

Quick Tip: “Support your talent. Make sure they have the tools and resources to achieve the mission and vision.”

One of SupplyLogic’s greatest strengths — talent — has also been one of its toughest challenges. When it comes to finding the right people to sit in the right seats on the bus, Sherlock has turned his focus inward. “Creating a winning culture and providing proper incentives has helped us attract and retain key talent,” he says. Communication has become a cornerstone of SupplyLogic’s culture, and has been key to its talent acquisition strategy. “Have a clear vision that everyone understands and believes they have the ability to impact. Be an effective communicator and ensure all messaging supports the North Star vision,” says Sherlock.