Superior Metal & Woodwork, Inc.

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Location: Farmingdale, NY
Founded: 2010
Industry: Architectural metal and glass, manufacturing

Superior Metal & Woodwork, Inc.

John Cipri


Superior Metal & Woodwork, Inc. is a family-owned design and fabrication company that installs a range of custom architectural elements. The company’s mission is to combine modern technology with traditional craftsmanship to create pieces that are both artistic and functional. According to president John Cipri, the company’s growth has been driven by strong, trusting relationships with industry contacts, clients and even employees. Superior adopted an open and trusting culture, and this has created an environment in which everyone feels comfortable exchanging ideas and offering constructive criticism. “The lack of formality is positive, rewarding and refreshing,” says Cipri.

Quick Tip: “Leaders play to the strength of the team and address the weakness in the most constructive and positive way possible.”

As Superior began to grow, it took on more high-profile projects. Though this resulted in even more growth for the company, it also presented some challenges. “The inherent limitations of the administrative and technical staff, coupled with the size of the physical plant, prevented Superior from committing to more complex and demanding projects,” says Cipri. “In anticipation of the continued growth of the business, earlier this year Superior increased the size of its Farmingdale-based facility by 100 percent.” With the expansion of space came a need for more employees. Faced with a lack of recruits, the company formed its own apprenticeship program to train interested individuals and create a new talent pool.