Safe Harbor Asset Management

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Location: Huntington, NY
Founded: 1990
Industry: Financial services

Safe Harbor Asset Management

Stephen K. Davis
Principal RIA and CEO


Safe Harbor Asset Management (SAM) was founded in 1990 as an independent Registered Investment Advisor (RIA). “SAM partners with our clients to develop creative, tailored wealth-management solutions to fulfill their missions and goals,” says principal RIA and CEO Stephen K. Davis. The firm’s growth has been fueled by an approach that emphasizes “discovering more about our clients’ needs — other than a typical investment need — through an in-depth analysis of their overall livelihood, family dynamics, goals and continued aspirations,” he says.

Quick Tip: “Qualities that we encourage are the importance of educating our clients and inspiring our staff to perform.”

Since the financial crisis of 2008, maintaining client trust has been a challenge for SAM. “We self-audit our portfolios to prove and publish our track record to maintain investor confidence. As fiduciaries, we always put the client’s needs first,” says Davis. In leading SAM, Davis has learned the importance of always being willing to adapt and learn, he adds. Over the coming years, Davis plans for SAM to continue its growth and expansion.